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Top 5 tips to perfecting your virtual interview

Top 5 tips to perfecting your virtual interview

We have all done the zoom parties and work quizzes over zoom during the lockdown, but as there are still a few more months of lockdown remaining, we wanted to give you all a little refresher on perfecting your zoom interview. Check out our top 5 tips below;

1. Make yourself familiar with Zoom

Many candidates expect zoom to automatically connect once invited, this, however, is not the case. Most computers will require downloading zoom, configuring your settings to allow it to load, and also ensuring your computer has a working webcam/microphone.

Our best advice for this would be to start a test meeting, why not even zoom a friend or family member to ensure everything is good to go. Check that your lighting is good, make yourself familiar with your mute button, check that your microphone is working well on both ends, and practicing sharing a screen should you be required to do this during your interview.

2. Check your connection

Nothing an interviewer or an interviewee dislikes more is a poor connection. You can understand how frustrating it is when you can't make out a question asked or you may respond with a brilliant answer, but it has been completely missed due to poor Wifi.

This could determine the success of your interview.

3. Dress Code

A professional dress code also applies to zoom and skype interviews. First impressions are everything, and a virtual interview is no different. Plus, dressing up and looking professional, will make you feel good about yourself which in turn will give you that extra confidence during your interview.

As much as we all love lounging in our comfortable clothing, avoid wearing sweats/PJ trousers during your interview.

4. Interview location

We understand that you may have a busy schedule, so finding time to do a zoom call may be difficult. However, this is when preparation and communication between you and the interviewer comes into play. Try and avoid conducting your interview in your car, it looks unprepared and rushed.

Set up your computer in a quiet room, ideally with a plain background or a professional background. Don’t let an interviewer be distracted by what is displayed in your background.

5. Prepare as if this was any other interview.

Although the setup and location of your interview will be very different, prepare like you would for any other interview. Research the company, prepare examples from your experience, practice your answers for potential interview questions, and also prepare 1-2 questions that you could ask the interviewer.

Good Luck with your interview!


Additional important buzz tips from team Vickerstock;

  • Ensure your laptop is charged and keep your charger beside you should you need it
  • Look into the camera when speaking
  • Make sure your phone is on silent and away from your view so you are not distracted by notifications.
  • Ensure your household know you have an interview so no one walks in 

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