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Interview Preparation

For every opportunity someone lands, many more have missed their chance. Perparation is essential and we're able to help.

Preparing for interview

When it comes to preparation, think about the question: What did you do to prepare for coming here today?

Your answer presents an opportunity to move ahead of the other applicants. It provides a moment to assess how interested you are in the employer and the position. It is therefore essential that you prepare.

The Company

Research the organisation thoroughly, from who they are and what they do, to achievements, projects completed and market position along with key values.

The Interviewer

Ensure you know who will be conducting the interview and if possible the format it will take.

Find out as much as you can about the individual or the panel who are facilitating your interview. This can help provide an opportunity to connect on another level, make informed comments and in equal measure avoid a comment that could be sensitive to the individual conducting the interview.

The Role

Ensure you fully review the role, the responsibilities, the skills required and the purpose of the position as well as its importance in the company and the contribution this role makes.

Try to find out why the vacancy has arisen, is it a new post due to growth or an internal promotion?


Be on point regarding career history, experience and skill-set, projects and accomplishments along with dates and times. Ensure that when discussing these areas you are always keeping this relevant to the job requirements and how this positions you in fulfilling those requirements.


Authenticity matters. Interviewers will be experienced enough to see through your carefully crafted gloss over. You need to lay the foundations to enable trust, be honest.


Ensure you establish prior to interview the format of the interview and questions.

Competency based interviews are the preferred method of predicting a candidates future performance and suitability for the role. The questions will often relate to describing a situation which demonstrates your abilities and experience that will be critical to the position.

At Vickerstock our consultants guide candidates through the interview process day and daily, through our experience we understand and have witnessed the changes in styles and formats along with a range of approaches unique to every employer and personality of the interviewer.

For further advice on interview preparation or to discuss in greater detail please get in touch with our consultants at Vickerstock for a confidential discussion. We would love to hear from you and help you with the move ahead.


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